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Friendship and cultural exchange with Tanzania, Africa.

The name “Utamaduni”, a swahili word meaning “culture”, was adopted by the dance troupe after a Danish cultural exchange with the Sukuma tribe in Tanzania in 1977. The exchange project in which the Danes also performed their traditional dance, was called “Daraja la Utamaduni” / “The cultural bridge”.

Utamaduni Dance TroupeFrom that embryonic beginning of cultural exchange, rich and fertile images of African culture were absorbed by the “Danes” – all thanks to the Sukuma people.

Since then Utamaduni has woven a tapestry of dance, drum, and song rhythms into a bond of friendship with local farmers and handicraft artists, and has inspired more than 25 Danish dance troupes that meet weekly for dance and workshops.
Every year we arrange a gathering for people with interest in african culture, music and dance. We are 4-500 people who meet in the forest of Ramten Skov every year in week number 30, since 17 years now!

The Utamaduni Dance Troupe brings alive Africa, right here on the spot, with its colorful and expressive performance.
Both the young and old are fascinated by the interaction of the big drums and the dancers, and enjoy invitations from the troupe to join the dance.

Danish main site: www.utamaduni.dk
E-mail: info@utamaduni.dk

Swahili version | Danish version | Urdu version | French version | Jysk version

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