Various texts about Sukuma

1) Kisukuma Counting


2) From “Dancing With Porcupines” to “Twirling a Hoe”

Musical Labor Transformed in Sukumaland, Tanzania

– Frank Gunderson, 2001, Source: Africa Today



3) History, Context and Identity at the Sukuma Museum Bujora

– Mark H. C. Bessire, 1997, Museum International, (UNESCO) Paris




– Joseph L. Mbele, 2012, Source:



5) We Will Leave Signs

The Intertextual Song Praxis of Elephant Hunters (Bayege), Within the Greater Sukuma Region of Western Tanzania.

– Frank Gunderson, 2008, Source: History and Anthropology



6) Sensory Shifts an ‘Synaesthetics’ in Sukuma Healing

– Koen Stroeken, 2008, Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology

7) Oral Litterature of the Basukuma

– Immaculate Mirambo,



8) The Politics of “Traditional” Dance in Tanzania

– Laura Edmondson, National Erotica, 2001



9) Defying the Gaze

Exodelics for the Bewitched in Sukumaland and Beyond

– Koen Stroeken, 2001, Source: Dialectical Anthropology



10) Health care decisions by Sukumapeasant intellectuals

A case of radical empiricism?

– Koen Stroeken, 2012,  Source: Anthropology & Medicine



11) The Buyeye

A Secret Society of Snake-Charmers in Sukumaland, Tanganyika Territory

– Hans Cory, 1946, Source: Africa: Journal of the International African Institute



12) Sungusungu

State-Sponsored Village Vigilante Groupes among the Kuria of Tanzania

– Michael L. Fleisher, 2000, Source: Africa: Journal of the International African Institute



13) Miners’ Magic Articianal Mining, the Albino Fetish and Murder in Tanzania

– Deborah Fahy Bryceson, Jesper Bosse Jønsson and Richard Sherrington, 2010. Source: The Journal of Modern African Studies


14) Sukuma figures

Boundaries, and the Arousal of Spectacle
– Aimée Bessire, 2005, Source: African Arts