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African dance with Utamaduni Dance Troupe - show and workshop



Utamaduni Dance Troupe is the first and oldest dance group in Denmark performing and teaching African dance. We are a group of professional dancers and musicians who works with traditional African culture, music and dance, especially from the Sukuma-tribe of Tanzania. 

In our colorful show you will experience equilibristic drum skills, amazing dance and powerful, express-full singing. All weaved with traditional costumes, homemade drums and instruments, tools and requisites. 

International credits:

Festival for street artists, Montreaux - Switzerland
Oslo / Bergen - Norway
Stockholm African festival - Sweden
Carnival of Viaregio - Italy
Festival of fools, Amsterdam - Holland
Gau Pasa, San Sebastian - Spain
Bulabo festival, Mwanza - Tanzania
Carnival in all major cities - Denmark
Theater and Dance Festival, Lahore - Pakistan
Kieler Festwoche, Kiel - Germany
Tour 2006 - Tunisia
Tour 2014 - Tanzania
and several appearances on Danish Television