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In Utamaduni Dance Troupe's performances you will witness a diverse variety of African daily life and celebration. With Tanzanian dance, song, music and drums, and stories about the life in Sukumaland at the Victoria lake in northwestern Tanzania, we invite you to experience the mode of life in a Sukuma-village.

In our shows we deliver festive atmosphere, sweaty work situations and traditional ceremonies. Immediate happiness and strong unity, beautiful colorful costumes, unique African homemade drums, original instruments, tools, traditional ornaments and props drive the performance forward. We customize our show according to the audience's preferences. A particularly popular variant is a combination of our show and workshop, as it can be hard to sit still while listening to the powerful drumming. We also arrange many kinds of workshops and courses in Denmark and Tanzania.

All members of the group have many years of teaching experience. Our costumers range from children in kindergarten, children with special needs, adults on teambuilding to professional dancers and musicians. We adjust the level to the situation, so that people get a nice experience and learn something that they can even pass on to others. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your requests, and we will create a special program for you.



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